Do I always have to use only bronze for my product?

As a first choice, PBR always recommends the use of bronze (an alloy of copper and tin) for any plaque, sign, emblem or commemorative product. Apart from its appealing ‘golden’ color post-casting, bronze is extremely durable and maintains an excellent standard of finish for generations. 

However, there may be certain circumstances where other metals may need to be used. For example:

  • Where a ‘silver’ colour is desired on parts of the plaque or sign, or special effects are required
  • Where weight of the plaque or sign is an issue
  • Where matching older style engraved plates is a priority

There are several other options that PBR can recommend to help you achieve the look or functionality that you require from your product:

Any plaque, sign, lettering or commemorative product can be made from aluminium. Aluminium can also be used for the raised sections of plaques or signs. It is important to note, though, that aluminium’s density (2700kg/m3) is only about one third of the density of bronze (8300kg/m3), and is cast in sand moulds at less heat than bronze. This means that aluminium does not have the durability and sustainability of bronze. The grade of aluminium used by PBR is DA601 aluminium, which is an alloy of 91% aluminium with silicon, iron and magnesium.


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