Background Color

The background color provides a contrast to the raised elements of your product (the inscription, border and other design features). There are basically two choices for the color of your background surface. These are a Painted Background Color or a Patinated Background Color. 

Painted Background Color

This can be done in any color. The paint and techniques used for plaques is similar to car body painting. 

Color Accuracy

PBR advises that there may be color variation between the colors represented on web sites or color swatches and the final color on our plaques.  This is due to a number of factors such as: 

  • variations in computer monitors and color rendering online
  • the color of the bronze
  • the stipple finish
  • the protective clear coat applied to our plaques
  • the baking process that plaques undergo to provide a long lasting durable finish and
  • different brand paints. 

In addition to this, plaques that have been exposed to sunlight for extended periods may have faded so that a match to an old plaque is not always possible.

The most commonly used background colors from our standard range are shown below.