Cast Letters, Badges and Crests

Cast Lettering

Cast metal lettering or numbering is a very attractive, legible and prestigious way to provide signage. It looks modern and sophisticated, and lasts indefinitely in any outside environment. Letters and Numbers can be cast in either bronze or aluminum.




Individual Lettering or Numbering is available in both Flat or Recessed Face.  Each Pattern is individually made allowing for an almost unlimited range of fonts and letter sizes ranging from 1" to over 40" high.




Cast Badges and Crests

The design of your bronze plaque or sign may require the inclusion of a badge, crest, coat of arms, or the bronze product you wish to order may be a stand-alone badge, crest or coat of arms. These products can be manufactured in two basic forms of cast bronze: Sculptured and Flat-Recessed.

  •  Sculptured

These are three-dimensional products and are created by PBR’s sculptors.  The usual finish on these items is Patina but color can be added if required as per the NSW Coat of Arms image below.


Crest-NSW-Coat-of-Arms-2   Crest-RAAF

  • Flat-Recessed

These are two-dimensional products and are produced from artwork. This option is an attractive and affordable representation of the logo or heraldic image. This product can be sized infinitely and multiple copies easily produced.

Crest-Family-Crest-Patina-a   Crest-Warringah-Council-Pai   Crest-For-Valour